How To Book Seats Under UDAN Scheme – Low Cost Flight Tickets

By | December 20, 2017

How To Book Seats Under UDAN Scheme – Low Cost Flight Tickets

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(Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik) UDAN Scheme – Low Cost Flight Airfare In Udan Scheme

The PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi  had launched many schemes for the welfare of the  citizens of the country. There are schemes for the students., youths as well as for the senior citizens. Now our PM Mr. Narendra Modi has launches d scheme for the citizens of India. It is based on Regional Connectivity Scheme(RCS). In this scheme rates are cheap so it can be afford by the people of all levels who can pay low price.

Benefits Of Cheap Airfare Scheme

It is very difficult for the middle class person to travel through the air. Because airlines charges are very high which are not affordable for the person who have enough expense to only completes their basic needs. So Prime Minister makes travelling by air affordable to all by the cheap airfair scheme. The benefits of the scheme are:

Air Ticket Booking Price Under Udan Scheme

The price decided for the scheme is Rs. 2500 for one hour which is helpful for the person who can pays less and it helps to increase number of travelers in the airplane.

It will help to increase activeness of all airport which are irregular from some times. Because of the people of that area can’t afford the charges of the planes.

All state governments going to provide security and fire services on cheap rates this will also helps people to take benefits of this scheme.

After the success of the five airlines have work on 128 routes other airlines will also include I the scheme. And give their customers better services at low prices.

The person who apply for the UDAN scheme are free from other charges like landing charge, navigation charge etc.

Under this scheme people can travel for smaller distance. They can reach at place in less time.

Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik Yojana

 It is a scheme for make traveling through air accessible to small places people. The scheme is announced by the Minister Of Civil Aviation Mr. P. A. Gajapati Raju in New Delhi. This is the joint contribution of central as well as state governments.

Aim Of The Lowest Air Fare Scheme

The main aim of the scheme as follows are:

The scheme has announced by civil and aviation minister in year 2016 and the scheme is starting in year 2017.

Under Ude Desh Ka Aam  Nagrik Yojana the flights will covered maximum distance of 800 km. it will help to increase regional connectivity.

In this Yojana that is not important to complete all the seats. The flight from Delhi to Shimla the flights can have 35 passengers at the time of from Delhi and there can be 15 passengers from Shimla to Delhi. A (Visibility Gap Funding) VJF is created at the vacant seats of the flight. Which is 3000 per seat. With the help of that VJF the government will improve the conditions of the airports and used for the facilities of the passengers.

This scheme helps people to provide jobs and it will help to decrease unemployment in the country.

How To Book Seats Under UDAN Scheme

There are few airlines selected for the UDAN Yojana which are mentioned below and dedicated to provide their services on lowest airfare to the travelers:

Air Deccan

Air Odhisa

Alliance Airline

Spice jet

Turbo Mega Airways

For the booking of the tickets under UDAN Yojana one should have to visit official websites of the dedicated airlines or websites available for booking like make my trip.

There is a different column for the scheme one should have to select the flight from that column and enter the details which are required.

After payment you have to download the ticket and take print out of the ticket to produce at the time of travelling.

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