HP CM Jai Ram Launches Women Helpline Number Shakti App To Security

By | January 26, 2018

HP CM Jai Ram Launches Women Helpline Number Shakti App For Protection

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur started ‘Shakti App’ from his official residence oak over for the protection of women. Any woman who is in crisis, can get help by pressing the app’s red button. This app has been prepared by the National Informatics Center (NIC) for the police.

CM Jairam Launches ‘Shakti App Which Will Help The Women While In Crisis, A helpline number also Released

State Information Science Officer Ajay Singh said that the app is in both Hindi and English and this does not require internet connectivity. He said that the app will send messages within 20 seconds of such activity to the nearest police control room during any kind of clash and it will also have auto audio and video recording.

Gudiya And Hoshiar Singh’s Helpline Number

Apart from this, the Chief Minister also started ‘Gudiya’ Helpline No. 1515 and Hoshiar Singh Helpline Toll Free Number 1090. The Chief Minister himself spoke at both Toll Free Numbers of Gudiya and Hoshiar Singh Helpline. He congratulated the State Police Department and State National Informatics Center for this initiative.

Lesson From Previous Cases

Thakur said that this is an initiative to safeguard the women of the state and prevent crime against women. He said that it is unfortunate that the image of the police in the gang rape and murder case has been damaged and we want to ensure that there are no such incidents happen again in the state.

The Chief Minister said that the Hoshiar Singh’s Helpline will be monitored by the Chief Minister’s Office. He said that the government will deal with various types of mafia strictly in the state, whether it be drug mafia, forest or mining mafia.

Chief Minister’s office will be supervised by 24 hours

He said that the state government has fulfilled three promises related to social security and law and order during the one-year rule. Director General of Police Meri gave a brief account of the application’s working system.

He said that apart from these, the emergency number is also provided 9459100100. Where WhatsApp and SMS can be done via any one during any kind of emergency help. Nationwide Emergency Response System Call Number is 112. He said that the Chief Minister’s Office will monitor the Hoshiar Singh Helpline for 24 hours.

Education Minister Suresh Bhardhaj, Chief Secretary Vineet Chaudhary, Additional Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Manisha Nanda and other senior officials of the state government were also present on the occasion.

Government Work Milestone

This Government has also completed one year. And counted its achievement. And also has set the target of 100 days to complete the work which is given to various departments. People have also asked the government about their work which is done in past one month. Because most of the work done in transferring the official from one place to another. Means no such work is seen in progress as per promises made by the politicians before the elections.

Big Decision Till Date

Government has taken big decision in favor of employees and old age citizen. Salaries of defense services and employees increased. Acquisition of Kullu Raghunath temple is also stopped. Retired 1200 patwari will continue their services again. Next 100 days planning milestone is set. Special police forces included to stop crime and emergency in the state.      

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