Compulsory Marriage Registration within 30 Days As Per Law Commission

By | July 6, 2017

Compulsory Marriage Registration within 30 Days As Per Law Commission

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Register within 30 days of marriage Otherwise Pay Fine

The central government is preparing to make marriage registration compulsory soon. Government is also considering bringing new legislation for marriage registration. The Central Government can take this decision after the report of the Law Commission. The Law Commission has recommended registration of marriage in all religions mandatory. The Commission has urged the Central Government to make laws in this regard.

Government Marriage Law

Emphasizing the common law, the 270th Report of the Commission states that registration of marriage should be compulsory for people of all religions. Registration should be done within 30 days of the wedding ceremony. The Commission has recommended amending the Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969. It has also been recommended to impose a penalty of Rs 5 per day on the non-registration of the Commission without proper reason.

Marriage Registration

In its report, the Law Commission chaired by Justice BS Chauhan said that since many years many attempts have been made for gender equality. In recent days, things of forgery have also been reported in the marriage at various locations.

Even if registration of marriage is not compulsory, women are bound to get married in spite of not fulfilling the valid marriage conditions. The number of fake weddings is also increasing. Such weddings are being executed especially by NRIs.

New Marriage Law

The Commission has recommended imposing penalty on providing wrong information (for example, names and addresses). Registration will be possible within one year of marriage, but it will have to seek permission from the concerned authority. The first class magistrate’s order will be required to register after one year.

Indian Marriage Law Act

It has been said in the report that the Registrar responsible for registering birth and death should also be given the responsibility of registering a marriage. On 16th February 2017, the Law Ministry had asked the Law Commission to study this matter.

It is a sign that the main part of the Muslim organizations that the registration of marriage is inordinate, unlike Shari’a. Experts believe that compulsory registration of marriage will help to overcome serious social and legal problems in the country.

Yogi Sarkar Got Favor Of Law Commission

This recommendation of the Law Commission has strengthened the Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh. In the past, the Yogi Sarkar had decided to make registration of marriage mandatory in all religions. There was a lot of controversy about this decision, but now the Yogi Government has got the full favour of Law Commission in this matter.

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