Free Coaching Classes To All Students HP Govt Scheme

By | December 16, 2017

Free Coaching Classes To All Students HP Govt Scheme

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Free Coaching Classes To All

In present era education plays an important role in the development of the person. Now state governments take steps forward for the development of youth. But education becomes very costly day by day which is not affordable for the people belongs to middle class families.

They cannot afford coaching for their children that is very necessary nowadays for providing better future and to attain success in life for future generation. So the state government of himachal Pradesh provides free coaching for the students of state.

Necessity Of Coaching

 As competition increases day by day so the students needs extra study for the competition tests like IIT, JEE or NEET. There are various coaching institutes in the country but their charges for the coaching are very high, some families are not able to pay their money as there wards want to study in that field but due to this reason they cannot get necessary education for qualify the entrance examinations for engineering as well as medical entrance.

Free Coaching Classes Yojana

The dreams of the students gets fade and they have to choose another line in which they are not interested so it can cause major issues. It leads to the failure or unemployment which is major issues in present days.doe to this reason the future of the students gets faded way.

Step Taken By State Government

The government of Himachal Pradesh provides benefits for the students of the states.  The students of the government schools from class 9th to 12th gets free coaching for the competitive examinations like JEE which is entrance test for the graduation in engineering field and NEET which is the entrance test for the medical student.

Question Bank- Portal  

A question bank will be prepared for the students as a portal which is named as “Swayam Sidham Portal” and that portal will help the students for self preparation. This step will free students from the heavy loss for the competitive examinations. The Central Board Of School Education will provide study material and question banks for the students in the portal.

Swayam Sidham Portal

In this portal the students can questionnaire with the teachers online. The students from class 9th will prepare for the examinations after the senior secondary examinations. The students will prepare for the engineering and medical entrance under Swayam Sidham portal.

Phases In Question Bank

 Question bank will be prepare under five phases if the student is able to answer 50% of the bank then he will enter to the next phase.

How To Use Swayam Sidham Portal

Students can take benefits of the swaym sidham portal with the help of Log in Id. Students get the login id for the portal and they get proper benefits for the examinations. They can access the portal from the home as well as at the school’s computer labs.   

Tender For The Swayam Sidham Portal

The State Project Office of the National Secondary Education Campaign has got approval from the Election Commission to issue tender regarding the question bank through the swayam sidham portal. In the process of tender various instutions which provides training for the students are invited. The best institution which provides quality education for the students gets the tender from state government of  himachal.  Tenders will be issued after getting permission from the Election Commission.

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