Government Launches Online Complaint Box To Sexual Harassment – SHE Box Portal

By | November 9, 2017

Government Launches Online Complaint Box To Sexual Harassment – SHE Box Portal

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SHE Complaint Box – Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual Harassment is a widespread issue in the society at present. It is increasing day by day and it consists of bullying and coercion by the sexual nature. It is faced by lots of women belongs to working environment or house working ladies. It is an illegal activity.

Harassment Of Women Sexually

Laws against sexual harassment exist, but they all in vain, they are not able to prohibit only simple teasing, offhand comments, or minor isolated incidents. For the working women at their working environment  harassment is done if they defend them they takes adverse employment decision like the victim being fired or demoted, or the victim quitting the job. The legal and social understanding of sexual harassment  varies by culture.

Various Conditions Leads To Sexual Abuse

There are the some situations which leads to harassment. It is basically done when men doesn’t  respect women. They take then as for granted and they thought they are weak and don’t support themselves. Some conditions are:

The person who do crime can be co-worker, client, parent, student, stranger or it can be teacher.

It can be at school, college, at home or at work place.

It can be witnessed by any one or not.

The criminal can be do intentionally or not.

The offense can be done one time or repeatedly.

The victim can be aware or unaware of the incident which have happening with her/him.

The victim/criminal can be of opposite sex or any gender.

The victim after that incident can be face different problems such as mental illness, sleep and eating difficulties etc.

Laws Related To Sexual Harassment

Government has passed many laws for the welfare of the women. But they all laws are prohibiting by the people of the country. Recently  The Women And Child Development (WCD) Minister Smt.  Maneka Sanjay Gandhi has launched a comprehensive SHe-Box for the online complaint Management System for women working in both public and private organizations to file complaints against sexual harassment at the place of incident.

About She Box

The SHE-Box was launched in New Delhi at 7 November 2017 to ensure the effective implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace for Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal , under the She Act 2013.

Sexual Abuse

The SHe-Box portal provides facility of online complaints of sexual harassment at workplace to all women employees in the country. They can be from public sector or  private sector. Those victims had  filed complaint with the Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) or Local Complaint Committee (LCC) can also file their complaint through this portal.

She Box Portal

This is a historic step  taken by the government of the country. The WCD Ministry has also produced a manual and has organized training programmes for Internal Complaint Committees and in the next significant step, the SHe-Box has been launched to provide platform to aggrieved women to make their complaints directly so that suitable action is taken to redress their grievances.

Women Harassment Online Complaint

This portal is an effort to provide speedier remedy to women facing sexual harassment at workplace. Once a complaint is submitted to the portal, it will be directly sent to the ICC/LCC of the concerned employer. Through this portal, WCD as well as complainant can monitor the progress of inquiry conducted by the ICC/LCC.

How To File Complaint With The Help OF She Portal

As of now complaint can be done online at from the workplace of the incident. The following steps are required to file the complaint against victim these steps are like this:

Visit the online website of She- box portal.

You will take to the homepage of the website. Then click on the “Register Your Complaint”.

After Click on that button you have to enter the required information. And provide your mobile number for the purpose of Enquiry.

The best thing is the portal is that you ca check the status of your complaint by clicking on “view complaint status” button.

This website is hosted by WCD department of central government for the effective action against the abusing of women.

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