How To Port Mobile Number To Other Network Operator Online Offline Method

By | October 28, 2017

How To Port Mobile Number To Other Network Operator Online Offline Method

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Port SIM Online

In today’s time mobile number become a primary need of the person. Mobile number is needed at each and every lace like for aadhar card, voter id, driving license. The person got confirmation messages for at registered mobile number.

Mobile Number Portability

The mobile number become very important in banking sector  i.e. for crediting and debiting of money person get one time password(OTP) it act as verification code for the owner of the account. It helps to reduce fraud.

Transfer Your SIM To Another Network Operator

Mobile number plays a very important role in the digital India mission. There are many companies holding mobile networks like Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Docomo, BSNL. Now Reliance Jio has come in the trends. With its new offers and cheap rate schemes public steps to the reliance jio network instead of other previously used networks.

Phone Portability Option

Reliance is a broad network which is used by billions of people. But due to some conditions the reliance network has close. So public has advice to port their sim into another network. Person only port their sim to another network when network strength is good at that place.

Mobile Number Portability

MNP(Mobile Number Portability) is the service which is used to port sim to another network.  Now this service has become national. It means this service is used by all the networks. Nowadays reliance has use this service to port their sim into another network like aircel, airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio, docomo, BSNL etc.

But there is one condition that customer should be used the connection and should be active before 90 days. If user is using postpaid service then the user should have to clear all the bills before the porting of the sim.

Positive points of Porting a sim

The main benefit of porting a sim is that the customer can use the same number after switch over to another network.

As the mobile number become necessity at every place like aadhar card, bank statement, driving license and other legal documents.  So after porting the sim the customer can continue with the existing mobile number and not need to change the mobile number.

As user can change the network of the sim when he wants and use the better offers provided by another networks. And he can save himself from high call rates as well as data rates.

In case the person move to another place and the existing number has not proper network at the place then the user can port the sim to that network which has good network coverage at that place.

Only Rs. 19 are required for the process of porting.

Documents Needed For Porting Mobile Number

Various documents are needed at the time of porting of sim:-

An address proof is needed i.e. aadhar card, voter id, Driving license etc.

A passport size photo.

If customer is using the postpaid sim the he have to present the photocopy of last paid bill for the airtel network.

Procedure Of Porting Sim to Other Network

 Users can port their sim by two methods:

) Through sms

) Through call

Through SMS:-

Through sms the process is as follows

First of all send msg  “PORT<space>your mobile number” to 1900.

After some time will get a message which contains UPC code i.e. Unique Porting Code.

Then visit the retailer store which network you want to use and fill the mobile number portability form where UPC code is asked by you.

Attach the documents with the form.

After payment of porting the sim the retailer will give you the new sim card of the existing number and the process of porting will take almost 7 days.

You will continue the services at your mobile after using new sim. Previous network will stop servicing automatically.

Through Call:-

Through call the process is as follow:

Call the customer care of reliance and get the number from them where to call for porting process.

Then call the no. 1900 for porting.

Then receive UPC from them.

Then visit the nearest operator store. Fill the MNP form.

Attach the documents with the form.

Then user will get the new sim. And continue service with the new sim.

This process takes almost 7 days.

Postpaid users also attach last paid bill copy for airtel service to be use.

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