National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights –NCPCR Child Abuse Complaints, Enquiry

By | November 15, 2017

National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights –NCPCR Child Abuse Complaints, Enquiry

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National Children Protection Act – File Complain Against Child Abuse Case  

National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights(NCPCR) is a commission owned by the government of India for the protection of the children and their rights. It was built up in the 2007 under the Act of Parliament, 2005. The Act of parliament was Commission For Protection Of Child Rights.

NCPCR Act To Child Safety 

The main aim of the commission is to protect and provide all the needs of the children under the age group of 0-18 years. These needs can be related to Laws, Policies, Programs and Administrative decisions in the favor of the children.  This commission is also worked with the women and Child Development department.

Children Harassment Case Contact 

This commission works on the child belongs from slum regions or the families which are not able to provide their children better facilities and cannot able to meet their basic and important needs properly.

The NCPCR Committee

The team National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights consists of one chairperson and six main members. These members has two lady members which is mandatory. These members are elected by central government.

The age of the staff working as members will be 60 years and age for chairperson is 65 years for working in the department. The chairperson can dismissed if he cannot do his work efficiently and he can leading on the basis of distinction of his work.

Responsibilities Of Commission Under Child Right Protection 

The NCPCR committee work for the protection of the child rights, their facilities and their protection. Other responsibilities of the NCPCR are:

They make a cell consisting of some members from the whole team and That examine the students in the school and at the Places for the children below 18 years. They are safe at the physical level or mental levels. If they found any spoiling thing against children life they immediately take action against the organization or school.

Apply for the action against the violation of the child rights and take step for further proceedings.

Do research in the field of child rights and review the system and actions to the rights if there is something needed.

They inquire about the proper implementation of the child right laws and orders.

They increase awareness about the rights of the children and about the protection laws which are made for the children for their welfare and development of them. They spread their information through seminars, presentations, speeches or by enacting about child problems and to find the solution for them.

The cell is aware about parents of the children by interacting with them.

How to file Complaint against Child Abuse Online/Offline

Complaints in the NCPCR can be done online or offline. The steps are:

The online complaint can be done on the website which is or

Email Address:

Children Abuse Contact Via Offline Mode

If anyone wants to offline they can complaint through following address:

To Chairperson

National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights

5th floor, Chanderlok Building, 36, Janpath

New Delhi – 110001

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