Reliance Jio Mobile Tower Installation Process Application Eligibility Contact Rent

By | November 10, 2017

Reliance Jio Mobile Tower Installation Process Application Eligibility Contact Rent

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Reliance Jio Tower Installation At Roof Top

Reliance JIO becomes a strong network in some days we all know that. It provides various plans, offers at sim as well as for dish TV. Sometime before JIO has launched the 4g mobile phones. Now JIO has starting installation of the tower at the roof top and free plot of the customers.

Mobile Tower Installation At Home

The plot should be 4000 square feet and 500 square feet roof top should be required for the installation of the tower. Reliance JIO wants applications for the installation of tower at the rooftop or their plot. This is also helps people to earn money by apply rent on the tower installed place.

Reliance JIO Tower Installation

Reliance JIO wants to place 450000 new towers in the country in next half year. As if now JIO network is weak at some places in the country so some people are not able to get the benefits of the offers of the JIO network. So it is needed to place more towers of Reliance JIO in the country so the all people gets benefits of the network. It is also a great method to earn money. 

It is a step forward taken by Reliance JIO in the mission of Digital India. People can earn Rs. 50,000 to 60,000 per month as a rent of the Reliance JIO tower. It is decided in the contract signed before installing tower on the land of the owner.

Required Eligibility Criteria For The JIO Tower Installation

There are certain conditions or eligibility terms which are required for the installation of the Reliance JIO tower and that conditions are:

One should have vacant space that can be plot or roof top. The plot should be 2000 square feet and roof top must be 500 square feet.

The signal quality should be low at required place otherwise tower will not be installed at that place. The contract of the tower should be of at least eleven months.

Required Documents For the Mobile Tower Installation

One should have following papers if he wants to install JIO tower in his place which are:

Original papers of the property in which tower will be placed.

No objection certificate.

Land survey Report.

Id Proof i.e. Aadhar card or voter Id.

Steps Required For The Registration To Install Reliance JIO Mobile Tower

The procedure for the installation of the Reliance JIO tower, you have to follow the following steps which are:

Firstly visit the official website of the Indus towers.

Then after fill the required details in the application form.

Then request the mobile tower installation.

After submission of all details the concerned crew will contact you soon.

Another method is to apply for the JIO tower installation contact directly to the JIO team on the official website of Reliance JIO which is

Selected Cities For The Installation Of Reliance JIO Tower

The tower will be installed in almost all main cities of the country. The person can apply for the JIO installation with the application form, no objection certificate for civics bodies of the city to the RJIIL authority. This will be related to all cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Surat, Raipur, Kotala, Gujarat, Vdodara etc.

Customer Care Number To Mobile Tower Installation

One should contact at 124-4296766 number for apply for the JIO tower.

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