How To Link Aadhaar Card With Ration Card – Online/Offline Procedure

By | February 22, 2017

Link Aadhaar Card With Ration Card

Detail Of Aadhar Card Seeding Process With Ration Card Through Offline or Online 

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Aadhar/UID Linking To Ration Card

In starting ration cards are distributed to all citizen families, and on the same card families are allowed to get various kinds of food, grains, fuel like kerosene on monthly basis at a subsidized rate from ration shop. The ration card is also act as a proof of identity of all family members or address proofs same as passport, PAN cards or other similar documents.

Ration cards are still used by all people, while some of the reserved category person gets free ration or means on very low price by it. It is as used as address or resident proof or used while applying for any government scheme or facility like passport, PAN card, voter id etc.

Need Of Seeding Aadhar With Ration Book

But also there are many fraud incidents occur, and people used to get more and more ration and other facility benefits provided by Government through ration card to the citizen. Because separate person is not allowed to have it but show fake details and get it easily because it is still not fully digital.

To overcome these happenings, central government has started seeding process of aadhar card with ration card of every individual. Basically UID is consist of twelve number unique number which provide separate identity to each Indian nation. Once aadhar contain all kind of detail of single person including hi/her biometric information too with finger prints as well. Aadhaar is also seeded with PAN card to keep check on citizen transactional details.

Why To Seed Aadhar Card With Ration Card?

By seeding aadhar with ration card, government deployed authorities able to check the various incidents where one person has more than one ration card on his name. And able to control such problem up to some extent.

The government will also able to put a question mark on such people who are having ration card but are not eligible for getting its benefits like food or grains on subsidized rate at ration shop and authorities will keep check that right person or families will get right benefit through this card help at dippo of every month house hold ration as per government direction.

You are eligible to seed your aadhaar or UID number with ration card through any way of online/offline as per your choice. The direction for linking process is stated below in detail.

Link Aadhar To Ration Card Through Online Process

To link UID number or Aadhaar number to your ration card by online mode, you must go with the steps listed here:

  • Make your visit or log on to official aadhaar card portal and hit “Start Now” option.
  • Give here your full information as asked like your complete address, with district and state name.
  • From the listed choice given, choose the Benefit Type that must be “Ration Card”.
  • Select the scheme name, that is also “ration card”
  • Submit and mention your ration card number, Aadhaar/UID number, email address and your phone number.
  • Then you will get a message of OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile, enter the same code as you received on the displayed form.
  • After entering the OTP in the box, system notification will let you know that the application process is completed successfully.
  • Your application is processed for further steps and after completion of verification process the details you have provided, you will get details through notification will confirm that your Aadhar card is linked with ration card successfully.

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Link Aadhar With Ration Card Through Offline Mode

Person who wants to link aadhaar card with their ration card through offline process must go with below guided process:

  • Prepare the aadhar card copies of complete family in photo state form with ration card for further process.
  • For this, it is necessary to link your bank account with your aadhar card, if you have not followed this then make a photocopy of your bank passbook.
  • Bring latest passport size photograph of your family head member and deposit these all documents at your ration dippo office.
  • As soon as documents will be verified and arrive in respective office, you will be informed through SMS or mail.
  • Then your documents will be processed for further department and after completion of linking process you will be notified.

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