List Of Documents Required To Prepare New Passport – New Passport Rule

By | August 20, 2017

List Of Documents Required To Prepare New Passport – New Passport Rule

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Birth Certificate Is Not Needed For Passport Creation, Now PAN And Aadhaar Card Will Work

Birth certificates will not be mandatory to make a passport now. Indian citizens can easily get passports, so the government told this week in parliament that the base and pen card can be used as a birth certificate. It was mandatory to give birth certificates to those who born after January 26th, 1989 during the passport act 1980.

Respective Documents Needed To Passport

But now the school certificate, PAN card, Aadhar card, driving license, voter ID and LIC bond can be used as a birth certificate. At the same time government employees can give their service records and pension records. This facility is being given by the government so that people can easily get passports.

New Passport Rules

People over 60 years old and less than 8 years of age will get a discount of 10% for applying for a passport. Only those who apply online will have to give details of only one person. And that is mother or father of anybody. At the same time married people will not have to give matrimonial certificates.

While divorced people do not even have to provide relevant information. All these rules are applicable since December 2016.

Birth Certificate Is Not Required For Passport Preparation, Aadhaar Or PAN Card Is Needed

So from now on prepare your passport more easily and frequently as per government initiative. Because birth certificate is main document while going to apply for new passport and many citizen does not have it with them.

So as the result of it they used to face many difficulties in the absence of it. So government has decided that citizen can use any valid document in place of it which are also mentioned above as per their convenience.

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